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Company Services


Wolf Inc. has a well established relationship with many accountants in Chamonix. We can therefore arrange and accompany you to meetings, leaving you in the knowledge that you will be receiving the best possible service. We can help you prepare your accounts and advise you on any fiscal queries you may have.

Legal - Lawyers:

We have well-established relationships with lawyers in Chamonix and the surrounding areas. We can connect you with the right lawyer to suit your specific needs. For those considering property purchase, we have more information on our Relocation page.

Business Set-up:

We have seen an increasing demand for help in business set-up in France and have contacts with the various authorities, including the "Chambers of Commerce", "Chambre des Mètiers", "Centre des Impôts" (tax authorities), URSSAF and the RSI. Advice and information on the above are available and to which category of registration would be appropriate for your needs. We can guide you through the steps to follow in order to become a legal trader in France.


We can provide you with help with sourcing competitive professional insurance deals. We have an understanding of the different insurance standards that are needed for professionals in France.

Security Commission:

There are certain security standards that need to be met in order to open an establishment that receives the public (ERP) in France. Each commune has their own security commission which is headed by the captain of the fire brigade and the Mayor of the town. Wolf Inc works closely with Chamonix's security commission and helps many ERP meet the standards. We can provide you with copies of the regulations in both English and French. Wolf Inc also works with companies that specialize in helping buildings comply with these regulations.

Personal Services

Completing tax forms:

A wave of slight panic overcomes many expatriates living in France when the end of the tax year comes around. The French system runs from January to December, and requires you to fill in a tax return at the end of the financial year. Wolf Inc is here to help and advise you on such matters.

Translation of official documents:

French bureaucracy often requires documents to be translated by an officially registered translator. This can often be time consuming as they can be hard to find and most of the time very busy. Wolf Inc works closely with official translators and can therefore speed up the process.

Arranging health cover:

National health cover provides tax payers with up to 70% cover for their medical bills. You are expected to then take out an additional cover ("a Mutuel") for the remaining percentage. Wolf Inc can advise on which covers are available and help find an interesting and appropriate contract. Cases can be taken individually to work out what rights clients have in transferring their health cover to this country. Wolf Inc works alongside several Insurance companies in France and can therefore also advise on private health cover if necessary.

Dealing with local authorities:

After 18 years in the valley, and an active career dealing with local authorities, the Wolf Inc team has established an excellent working relationship with the Town Hall(the "Mairie"), and can guide you through the maze of paperwork. The Mairie is responsible for planning permission, school registrations, work permits and much more. A short cut into the administrative system is often extremely beneficial for the success of small businesses in the valley as well as the sanity of its non-French speaking residents.

Arranging French classes:

Wolf Inc. can put you in touch with qualified French teachers so that all of the above will one day become easy!

This is not an exhaustive list of Wolf Inc. services. We are here to help you with anything which requires a French-speaking person. We can save you time, money and heart-ache if there are no misunderstandings at meetings or in correspondence. Wolf-Inc also act for some French clients because of Wolf's in-depth knowledge of the French systems.